2018 Board of Directors

Officers of the Board

(Two-Year Terms)

President: Ed Mueller

Vice President: Harry Frampton

Treasurer: Paul Locklin

Secretary: Maureen Kim

Investment Committee Chair: Becky Holman

Governance Committee Chair: Lilian Murray

Events / Development Chair:  Marti deBenedetti

Education Committee Chair:  MaryBee Johnston

Medical Committee Chair: Rick Holley

Finance Committee Chair: Scot McClone

Alumni Advisory Board: Becky Holman

Junior Board Chair: Marti deBenedetti


(Three-Year Terms)

Bill McDowell

Cindy Muscatel

Deborah Justice

Diane Windler

Rhonda Peed

Susan Johns

Wally O'Dell

Dr. Ray Lagger

Colin Clark

Debbie Casey




Committee Advisors

FINANCE (board members only)

Scot McClone, Chair

Ed Mueller

Paul Locklin

Wally O'Dell

GOVERNANCE (board members only)

Lilian Murray, Chair

Ed Mueller

Bill McDowell

Harry Frampton


MaryBee Johnston, Chair

Becky Holman

Cindy Muscatel

Deborah Justice

Marti deBenedetti

Maureen Kim

Rhonda Peed

Susan Johns

Ann Marie Mahoney**


Becky Holman, Chair

Dr. Ray Lagger

Paul Locklin

K.C. Knudson**

Marty Stein**


Rick Holley, Chair

Becky Holman

Bill McDowell

Dr. Ray Lagger

Susan Johns

Dr. Jim Johnston**


Marti deBenedetti, Chair

Deborah Justice

Diane Windler

Ed Mueller

Harry Frampton

Rhonda Peed


Becky Holman, Chair

Lilian Murray

Rick Holley

Scot McClone

**Non-Voting Members





Junior Board Mission

The Mission of the Junior Board of the Ohana Foundation:

The representatives of the Junior Board of Hualālai 'Ohana Foundation work together to improve the lives of the employees of Hualālai and their families through education and healthcare programs. Our mission is to raise funds for the Hualālai 'Ohana Foundation and raise awareness for issues close to our generation. 

Founding of the Junior Board:

The first fundraiser by the Junior Board was a cart-wash in 2006 which earned $1,250.00. The Dreimann family went on to make the Board official that same year and to date with the help of it's members, the Junior Board has raised over $200,000 to support Hualālai 'Ohana families. 

Our Values: 

Aloha  love, compassion - we give of ourselves when we give from our heart.

Hualālai embodies aloha in so many ways, yet most importantly through the aloha spirit of its people.


Mahalo  appreciation - more than merely "thank you", mahalo represents

gratitude, appreciation and esteem. This sincere appreciation for the aloha shown by people of Hualālai inspired our homeowners to create the Foundation and continue to guide our mission today. 

'Ohana  family - we believe the generosity within our uniquely blessed community creates 'ohana. We are connected and care for each other. We want the best for our family members. We serve those who are 'ohana in our hearts. 

Kokua  help others - we were created to give help to our 'ohana and this value continues to guide our actions each day. We strive to help those who wish to help their families grow and thrive. Kokua aku, kokua mai. 

Ho'oko  commitment - we are committed to our goal of providing opportunities where many do not exist. We do so with pono (integrity) and lokahi (unity). 

2018 Junior Board Members

President - Olivia Dominick

Vice President - Zak Taube

Secretary - Stella Brien

Treasurer - Lanie Montag

Co-Fundraising Chair - Aaron Friedman

                                          Nicholas Dominick

Junior Board Parent Advisor - Dianne Taube

Friends of the Junior Board - Summer Brennan

Zumbathons & Paint Runs


In 2011, 2012, 2013, the Junior Board hosted Zumbathons that brought the employees and residents of Hualālai together and created a lot of hips shaking up at the Ke’olu golf range with some of the best Zumba instructors on the island.


During Festive 2013 and 2015, the Junior Board along with Jahn Sawinski (of Ke’olu) hosted its first ever 5K Paint Run, which was a lot of fun for the employees, residents and hotel guests of Hualālai.  



Yet another project was embraced and taken on by the Junior Board when Alec and Ryan Dominick presented their idea of a custom Monopoly board game for the Hualālai Resort.  From this, the Junior Board created “Hualālaiopoly” and raised the funds for their project by setting up an online auction to gain sponsors for all the properties and game cards of the Hualālaiopoly game. With tremendous support from the residents, resort management, hotel management, the marketing department, and members of the board, Hualālaiopoly a limited edition keepsake of all that we love about our Hualālai home is available for purchase.