Frequently Asked Questions for Employees


Helpful FAQs and information on the 'Ohana Crisis Response Fund

1. What is the Hualalai ‘Ohana Crisis Response Fund?

The Hualalai Crisis Response Fund was created to assist our employee ‘ohana who have been affected by the Covid 19 crisis as a result of the temporary closure and furlough of employees at Hualalai Resort, by addressing essential needs with assistance including, but not limited to support for basic life necessities including gift cards for groceries and home goods, electric utilities assistance, prescription reimbursement assistance, vocational training assistance, tuition assistance, and serious medical needs assistance. This fund was established on March 27 and on May 1st, we distributed support in the form of 'Ohana Kokua Kits to over 400 eligible employees.  

2. Who can I call for more information?

Please call the Hualalai ‘Ohana Foundation at 325-4701.


3. Who is eligible for Hualalai ‘Ohana Crisis Response Fund?

Any Hualalai Resort or Four Seasons Hualalai employee who has experienced financial duress following the Covid 19 Crisis due to:

• Current unemployment due to furlough.

• Eligible furloughed employees who missed the first round of applications.

• Currently working employees and being paid for less than 30 hours per week.

• Currently working employees who are being paid for more than 30 hours per week, but less than 40 hours per week.

• Casual employees who previously worked more than 20 hours per week.

• Award amounts will be based on financial need, availability of funds and total amount of funds received. 

• All applicants must be employed for at least one year and working at least 20 hours per week or 1040 hours.

4. How do I apply for Hualalai ‘Ohana Crisis Response Fund?

Please fill out the online application.  If you cannot complete the online application, call our office at 325-4701 and we can do it for you while on the phone with you.  Please remember to only hit the "Submit Application" button once.  You will receive a confirmation email from us.  Please do not submit more than one application as it will delay processing.


5.  Where do I find the application?

You will receive an email from us with the application link.  You will need to complete that application and hit "Submit Application" before the application deadline of May 31.  Only eligible employees who have not already received a Kokua Kit can apply for this award.

6. What information is needed for me to qualify?

Your name, how long you have worked at the resort, your job title, reasons for needing support at this time and information on your most pressing needs as it relates to the current crisis.


7. How will I know if my application has been approved?

We will notify you by email after we have reviewed your application and made a determination of your qualification status.


8. Do I apply for myself only or can I apply for each of my family members?

The ‘Ohana Kokua Kit is only available to employees of Four Seasons Hualalai and is not available to family members or dependents who do not work for Four Seasons Hualalai. 

9. If I qualify what will I receive?

You may receive gift cards to local grocery and home good stores or credit to your HELCO bill. You may also receive tuition assistance or support for medical needs should you decide to apply for support through those programs (a separate application process).  The 'Ohana Relief Award is based on availability and how much money has been raised so we encourage eligible employees to submit  applications as soon as possible.   If you have already received an 'Ohana Kokua Kit in the first round on May 1, you are not eligible for the second "Hana Hou" round.  

10. Where do I pick up my award?

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email containing instructions on where and when to pickup awards. Awards will be distributed on campus at Hualalai.  You will need to bring your confirmation email and provide your name in order to receive your award. We cannot give your award to a representative in your place.  Awards are based on availability of funds and distribution will be compliant with social distancing measures taken into account.

11.  What if I am injured or sick and cannot make it to the distribution site on either of those two dates?  

Please call our office at 325-4701.

12. Since I am out of work, I want to take online classes. Can you pay for my classes?

Yes, please inquire with our Programs Office for Educational Opportunities Awards  by calling 325-8178 or emailing


13. My medications are pricey, can you pay for my prescriptions?

If you have been approved for a Serious Medical or Surgical Award, we can pay for your prescription co-pays, as they are included in our existing Medical Award program policies. Please contact our Programs Office at 325-8178 to obtain information on those opportunities.


14. Can you play for my child to go to Kumon?

Please inquire about Educational Opportunities or Tutoring Award available year-round by calling 325-8178. 

15. Can you help pay for my baby sitter?

No, sorry. This is not available under current offerings.

16. Who can we thank for this initiative?  

Thank you for asking!  We are grateful for the support of donors and members within the Hualalai community for their support of the Hualalai 'Ohana Crisis Response Fund.  Letters, emails, artwork, video thank you's and all expressions of gratitude can be directed to the Hualalai 'Ohana Foundation Crisis Response Fund Mahalo effort at  Don't forget to include your name and which department you are from.  We will share these with donors and members so they know how their gifts are making a difference here.  

17. What is the application deadline? 

Please complete your application and hit "submit" by May 31, 2020.  Please only hit "submit application" once.  Submitting more than one application will delay processing.

18. I received an 'Ohana Kokua Kit in the first round of distribution on May 1.  Can I apply for this second round, too?

No, sorry.  This "Hana Hou" Kokua Kit is available only to eligible employees who did not already receive a Kokua Kit.