Annual Appeal

The heartfelt generosity of our donors provides the funds necessary to continue our mission.  Through these pure gifts to the foundation, we are able to achieve great things for our ‘ohana of all ages.  Our goal is to achieve 100% Hualālai homeowner participation in supporting the foundation.  Our Annual Appeal period from January to December each year.  Thank you for your support that makes everything possible for us.

Mitsubishi ProAm


Based on the popular game of Monopoly, Hualālaiopoly was invented by the Junior Board as a fundraiser for the Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation. The customized board game is played with the familiar Hualālai Resort landmarks.  Villas, hales, Hualālai money, called kālā, and other Hualālai-related terms have been customized to be used in the game.  When you start at Go and go around the board, you feel as if you’re visiting all your favorite spots at Hualālai and having the Hualālai experience. Hualālaiopoly is a limited edition keepsake of all that we love about Hualālai. Join the fun and purchase your game now!!