The Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation strives to support the educational goals and exceptional medical needs of our employee families while providing a vehicle to allow residents opportunities to contribute to the well-being and aloha spirit of our uniquely blessed community.


Our Mission

Such is the mission of the Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation, established in 2002 as a nonprofit vehicle for Hualālai  Residents to contribute to the well-being of the community's most valuable asset: it's employees.

The Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation's tradition of giving is two-fold: to offset the high costs of both education and medical care for Hualālai employees and their immediate families.

The Education Committee offers assistance with public school tutoring, private school (prekindergarten through 12th grade) and higher education scholarships, as well as coursework awards, early childhood literacy tools and youth mentoring.

The Medical Committee provides financial aid during a severe medical crisis and travel expenses for patients who must travel to the mainland for treatment.  The new Surgical Assistance Award provides financial help for surgeries necessary to avoid a disability or other debilitating condition.



Consistent with preserving the tradition of respect for the land and of the Hawaiian culture, we wish to acknowledge and support the exceptional individuals of the community who work to make Hualālai a paradise to the eye and to the heart.



In response to the high costs of education and medical care for the people of Hawaii, the purpose of the foundation is to provide educational and medical care opportunities to families employed or self-employed in the Hualālai community.



We are committed to achieving 100% participation by our homeowners to invest in our community by providing encouragement and financial assistance to the Hualālai employee families and through them, the people of Hawaii Island.

Contact Us

Hualālai ‘Ohana Foundation

Hualalai Four Seasons Resort, Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740

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